Our Essentials Bag

Shine bright the morning after or even just while on vacay. Either way our Essentials pouch has what you need to amplify your glow.

(This is a multi use pack, a little goes a long way)

Products Contained (1) of each

- Travel Pouch


- African Black Soap

- Caribbean Aloe Cleanse or Microderm Polishing Crystals (based on availability)

- Provence Rose Toner or Multi Active Toner (based on availability)

Swiss Apple Eye Cream

- Blemish Bomb

- Vitamin C

- Day Restore Creme 


- Znoj Oil

- Suki De Karite


Silk Primer


How to use: 

1. Wash face and neck with the AFRICAN BLACK SOAP (this item is crumbled but fuses together in water). Avoid the eyes


3. Use a cotton ball/pad or spray on face the PROVENCE ROSE or MULTI ACTIVE TONER. let sit on skin to a dry before applying other products.

4. Place a few dabs of the SWISS EYE CREAM under the eyes and rub in an inward direction towards the nose. Helps to reduce puffiness and gives you more of an awake look.

5. Use BLEMISH BOMB as a spot treatment either in the morning or before bed on any acne or feelings of acne.  This also helps on bug bites. Just place a small drop on the problem areas

6. Place small dots of serum VITAMIN C over face and neck. This will give you that tight glow and revived look.

7. Place 5 small dots on the face of the DAY RESTORE 1 dot on the forehead, 1 dot on the nose, 1 dot on each cheek and 1 dot on chin.  Then rub into face in an upward direction to reduce saggy skin and to hold the skin in the direction you desire. 

// Body//

Fresh out of shower while your skin is still wet apply a quarter size in the palm of your hand of the ZNOJ OIL.  This will lock in moisture into the skin. 

To revitalize the scent apply the SUKI DE KARITE as a base lotion to restore the glow and essence of your natural pheromones.


Before applying makeup or just as your daily wear apply the STUDIO SILK PRIMER this will ensure you use less makeup to get the full coverage look while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.  This primer also helps protect your pores from the makeup as well. 


*more about each product? Click on the names in the content section of this post to learn more about each product* 


1 Do I have to use everything at once? No, this is just a recommended skin care regimen. Use as you desire. 

2. Why do I clean my face again (step 2) after (step 1)? African soap can be drying to the skin so it is recommended to use a moisturizing wash to activate the natural oils. 

3. Can I use the blemish bomb as a full face moisturizer? I guess you could, but unless you have acne all over your face I would not do it. It’s a bit overkill at that point. It’s a spot treatment. 

4. Do I have to go in this order? It is recommended that you do as you will get the best uptake in the skin. 

5. Can I use SPF? Yes, and it is encouraged. Apply that after your moisturizer (step 7) or in place of. 

6. Can Znoj be used on my face? Yes, it is natural oils and you can use it on face, body, and hair. No private parts, as it does have cinnamon in it. ouch lol 

7. This black soap is crumbling? Yes, it is in its raw pressed form. Once you mold it with water it will fuse together. 

8. Can I use this soap on my body? Yes, just avoid the eye and private part area it will burn. 

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